Your question: How is the hack driver able to win the Lawyers Trust so quickly?

How was the hack driver Recognised?

The lawyer was rebuked by his boss who told him to go back to New Mullion with a person who knew Lutkins. When they reached there, he found Bill and Lutkins’ mother together. The man recognized Lutkins. This way the hack driver was recognized.

Why did the hack driver offers to help the lawyer?

Answer: The hack driver was none other than Oliver Lutkins himself. He did not wish to take the summons and go as a witness. So, he pretended to be a hack driver. He offered to help the lawyer so that the lawyer could not come to know about him from someone else.

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What type of a person is the hack driver?

But, the next day he finds out that the hack driver was Oliver Lutkins himself. He realises that a simple and kind person was a trickster in reality. Question 4.

What does the hack driver do to help the lawyer to look for olive skin?

Explanation: The hack driver offered to help the narrator to look for Oliver Lutkins as he thought of playing a prank on the narrator. The hack driver himself was the Lutkins. When he came to know that the narrator had never seen Lutkins, he planned to make fool of the narrator.

What qualities of the hack driver impressed the lawyer?

What qualities of the hack driver impressed the young lawyer? Ans. The hack driver’s cheerful face and friendly manner made the lawyer conclude that he liked people. The hack driver’s openness, again made the lawyer glow in the warmth of affection.

Why is the lawyer sent to New mullion?

The lawyer is sent to New Mullion to serve summons on a person named Oliver Lutkins who was needed as a witness in a law case. He had expected the place to be a sweet and simple country village.

Do you agree that the expression taken for a ride fits the story the hack driver like a glove why why not?

Answer: Yes, the expression ‘taken for a ride’ fits the story like a glove. As Oliver Lutkins posed to be a hack driver and kept his identity hidden from the narrator, the entire time, we can tell that Oliver had managed to gain his trust and was simply fooling around with him.

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Where does the hack driver take the lawyer?

Where does he take him? Answer: A hack driver at the station, who called himself Bill Magnuson, befriends him. He told the lawyer that he knew Lutkins and would help in finding him. Bill took him to all the places where Lutkins was known to hang out.

What did the narrator tell the hack driver?

The hack driver told the narrator that Lutkins’ mother was a terror. He told him that she was about nine feet tall and four feet thick. He told him that once he had taken a trunk for her at her farmhouse. She almost had taken his skin off because he had not treated the trunk like a box of eggs.

How can lawyers be proactive?

The lawyer could have been more proactive in some ways. He should have talked to more people rather than enjoy a whole day at the expense of the firm. He should not have tried to talk once to the villagers. He should notgive the lead to the hack driver.

What really hurts the feelings of the narrator in the hack driver?

Answer: The narrator was under the impression that the country people were honest, simple, and helpful. Such impression made him gullible because he was easily be fooled by the hack driver who himself was Oliver Lutkins. The narrator was hurt when Lutkins and his mother laughed at him.

Did the narrator of the lesson the hack driver like his work?

Answer: After doing his graduation, the narrator got the job of a junior assistant clerk in a law firm. No, he did not like his work. He had to serve a summons on the wanted people.

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Do you think that the lawyer was gullible How could he have avoided being taken for a ride?

Answer: It can be said that the lawyer was gullible. He could have avoided being taken for a ride if he had noticed what the hack driver was doing. The hack driver was the one who did all the talking and the lawyer remained a mere spectator.

What did the hack driver tell the narrator about looking smother?

Answer- The hack driver told the narrator that Lutkins’ mother was a terror. He told him that she was about nine feet tall and four feet thick. He told him that once he had taken a trunk for her at her farmhouse.