Who is the assistant attorney general for civil rights?

Who is the Assistant Attorney General of USA?

Lisa O. Monaco is the 39th Deputy Attorney General of the United States. As the Deputy Attorney General, she is the Department’s second-ranking official and is responsible for the overall supervision of the Department.

Who is the assistant attorney general of Michigan?

Emily Jefferson – Assistant Attorney General – Michigan Department of Attorney General | LinkedIn.

Who is the Ohio Assistant Attorney General?

First Assistant Attorney General

Brenda L. Rinehart oversees the legal operations of the office.

Who is the assistant attorney general of Texas?

Brent Webster was appointed by Ken Paxton to be First Assistant Attorney General in 2020.

Who is the DOJ now?

Meet the Attorney General

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland was sworn in as the 86th Attorney General of the United States on March 11, 2021.

How many assistant attorney generals are in Michigan?

The Department has approximately 250 Assistant Attorneys General (AAGs) assigned to various divisions and representing state agencies, the Legislature, the Judiciary and Executive Office.

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How much does an Assistant Attorney General make in Michigan?

What is the salary for the Assistant Attorney General role at State of Michigan? The average salary for the role of Assistant Attorney General at State of Michigan in Detroit Metropolitan Area is $79,400.

Who is the district attorney for Michigan?

Attorney General Dana Nessel

A former criminal prosecutor and civil rights attorney, Dana Nessel was sworn in as Michigan’s 54th Attorney General on January 1, 2019.

How do I file a complaint with the Ohio attorney general?

You can choose to file a complaint at the Ohio Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section online; by phone at 800-282-0515; or through the postal mail after requesting and receiving a hard copy of the office’s complaint form.

What does the Ohio attorney general investigate?

Agents from the Special Investigations Unit investigate officer-involved critical incidents and OHLEG misuse and help local officers solve felony-level cases of homicide, financial crimes, public corruption and voter fraud, among other crimes.

Who is Ohio’s new attorney general?

The office is filled by general election, held every four years. The current Ohio Attorney General is Republican Dave Yost.

Ohio Attorney General.

Attorney General of Ohio
Incumbent Dave Yost since January 14, 2019
Ohio Department of Justice
Style The Honorable
Term length Four years, two term limit

Is Paxton still under indictment?

Indeed, Paxton has been accused of violating state laws so often that he seems to embody the dark side of what some call “Texas exceptionalism”. For the last seven years, he has been under indictment on three felony charges related to securities fraud.

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What are the duties and responsibilities of the Attorney General?

As the chief officer of the Department of Justice, the attorney general enforces federal laws, provides legal counsel in federal cases, interprets the laws that govern executive departments, heads federal jails and penal institutions, and examines alleged violations of federal laws.