What is the work of Solicitor General?

What is the work of Solicitor General in Kenya?

The major function of the Solicitor General in Kenya is to assist the Attorney-General in performing the duties of the Office of the Attorney-General. Section 9 of the Office of the Attorney General Act provides for the Office of the Solicitor General in Kenya.

What is the function of the Office of the Solicitor General?

The major functions of the OSG are to: Conduct, or assign and supervise all Supreme Court cases, including appeals, petitions for and in opposition to certiorari, briefs, and arguments.

Who was the first Antony General in Kenya?

Charles Njonjo

Charles Mugane Njonjo
Preceded by Tom Mboya
Succeeded by Kiraitu Murungi
Personal details
Born Charles Mugane Njonjo23 January 1920 Kibichiko village, Kikuyu, Kiambu County, Kenya

Who is the current solicitor general in Kenya?

Kennedy Ogeto CBS, is the current Solicitor General of the Republic of Kenya. Mr. Ogeto is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya of over twenty-seven (27) years standing.

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What’s the difference between a lawyer and solicitor?

A lawyer is anyone who could give legal advice. So, this term encompasses Solicitors, Barristers, and legal executives. A Solicitor is a lawyer who gives legal advice and represents the clients in the courts. They deal with business matters, contracts, conveyance, wills, inheritance, etc.

What is the duty of Solicitor General in the Philippines?

It is tasked to represent the people of the Philippines, the Philippine government, its agencies, instrumentalities, officials, and agents in any litigation, proceeding, or investigation before the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals.

What is the difference between the attorney general and the solicitor general?

In systems that have an attorney-general (or equivalent position), the solicitor general is often the second-ranked law officer of the state and a deputy of the attorney-general.

Who owns Sankara Nairobi?

Nairobi’s status as a conference and business centre hub got a major boost with the official opening of the Sankara Hotel owned by The Grenadier Group in Westlands by Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Who was the first chief justice in Kenya?

The first Chief Justice of the Kenyan Judiciary, Sir Robert William Hamilton was appointed in 1906. At independence, Sir John Ainley was the Chief Justice who presided over the swearing in of founding President Jomo Kenyatta.

Who appoints the chief justice in Kenya?

Under the new Constitution, the Chief Justice is formally appointed by the President but is selected by the Judicial Service Commission following a competitive process involving a vacancy announcement, shortlisting of applicants and interviews.

What’s the Attorney General’s name?

The Solicitor General of the United States

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—-—-—-or less formally, —-—-Dear Mr./Ms. (Surname): A solicitor general is the high legal official.

Who is a state counsel in Kenya?

State Counsel

(a) is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya; and (b) is a fit and proper person with due regard to the discharge of his or her duties under this Act. (3) The Attorney-General shall comply with the values and principles under the Constitution in the appointment of State Counsel.