What impression did the narrator the lawyer form of bill when he met him for the first time?

The narrator found Bill very open and friendly. He ‘glowed with warmth’ of his affection. Bill wanted the business but his kindness was real. He offered his carriage for two dollars an hour.

What impression did the lawyer get of the delivery man?

The lawyer got a very good impression of the delivery man. He found him a very friendly person. He was a cheerful fellow.

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What was the narrator’s impression of the lady when he met her for the luncheon?

Answer: The narrator gathered the impression that the lady was very talkative in nature and her appearance was imposing rather than attractive.

What impression did the lawyer come back to the city?

Question 9. With what impression did the lawyer come back to the city? Answer: The lawyer returned to the city with a good impression. He liked the people of the village.

What impressed the narrator most about Bill?

Question : 2 What impressed the narrator most about Bill? Mention any two things. Answer : The first quality that struck the narrator was that Bill was a cheerful, friendly and helpful man. Secondly, he loved Bill for his simple and philosophical wisdom as he had helped the narrator to find Lutkins.

What attitude did the lawyer have to the country life?

Answer:The lawyer was under the impression that away from the hustle and bustle of city Life the people in the country led a pleasant,simple,honest ,helpful,and peaceful life.

What was the narrator impression about New mullion when he came back to city?

The lawyer returned his home happy and with good memories of the people. He didn’t have any complaints about not being able to find Lutkins. The narrator was very happy to meet the people of New Mullion. Their helpful nature and gratitude made him very happy and excited.

Why did the narrator think he had his revenge?

The narrator had his revenge at last when he came to know that she now weighs twenty one stones which means she had grown very fat. Hello Friend!! Thanks for your question. The narrator had his revenge at last when he came to know that she now weighs twenty one stones which means she had grown very fat.

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How did the narrator struggle to keep the bill under control so that he had three francs to spare for the tip?

The narrator struggled to keep the bill under control by not showing his discomfort to the lady that he had only 80 francs which he had to use for the whole month and he had to give the three francs separated for giving to the waiter.

Why do you think the narrator thought that the woman might think him to be mean?

Answer: The woman the narrator takes to luncheon at one of the most expensive restaurants in Paris is exploiting him mercilessly by pretending an interest in his writing which she probably doesn’t really feel. … The fact that she orders everything a la carte probably makes her feel she is just nibbling tidbits.

How did Bill the hack driver impressed the narrator?

He admires him as a story teller. He appreciates him a lot when Bill even goes to Lutkins’ mother’s place to find him. For the narrator, Bill is a friendly man who helps others generously. He is so impressed by Bill that he decides to settle down in the village.

What was the lawyer’s first impression of Lutkins Why did he change his opinion about him later on?

Answer: The lawyer was quite irritated to serve summons and look for a witness in a case, due to which he was in New Mullion. He felt that the whole town gave off a wrong image and sounded more depressed and less interesting.

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What was Bill’s actual motive behind helping the lawyer?

Answer. Answer: To earn money and to befool the lawyer .

Why was the narrator so impressed?

The narrator and his companion were impressed by the two boys because they were so matured, responsible and hard working at their small ages. They were doing several jobs to earn for living. They were deliberately working more to save money for their sister.

How do you think the lawyer feel when he found out that Bill was none other than Oliver Lutkins?

How did the lawyer feel after knowing that the hack driver was Oliver Lutkins himself? shocked and his feelings were hurt when the man told him that Bill or the hack driver was Lutkins himself. “He was so open and friendly that I glowed with the warmth of his affection”.

How did Bill introduce his mother to the lawyers why did he do so?

Answer: It is more likely that Oliver made the plan to fool the lawyer right after he came to know from the latter that he was looking for a man named Oliver Lutkins. … Before going to Lutkins’ mother’s house, he gave a terrifying description of Lutkins’ mother and urged the lawyer to let him try and talk to her.