Can an Australian lawyer practice in Hong Kong?

Can Australian lawyers work in Hong Kong?

UK/NZ/Australian lawyers are entitled to practice without qualification in Hong Kong (and have a title such as “Registered Foreign Lawyer”), although it’s true that firms here would encourage Hong Kong qualification also, particularly if you are going to be involved in dispute work.

Can foreign lawyers practice in Hong Kong?

A registered foreign lawyer can practise the law of the jurisdiction in which they are qualified but cannot practise Hong Kong law. Hong Kong law firms can employ registered foreign lawyers as employees but they cannot admit foreign lawyers as partners of the firm.

Can I practice law in Hong Kong?

A lawyer admitted in Hong Kong can advise on Hong Kong law, while a registered foreign lawyer in Hong Kong can only practice the law of their jurisdiction. A lawyer is prohibited by the Hong Kong Bar Association and Law society from undertaking a matter unless they are competent to handle it.

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Can Australian lawyers work overseas?

“The easiest method by which an Australian legal practitioner can pursue overseas work opportunities is to work with a legal recruitment consultant with knowledge and experience in placing lawyers in the overseas market in which they seek employment,” Gazis said.

Are lawyers in demand in Hong Kong?

We have seen a 57% increase in demand for project/freelance lawyers in 2021 and with the advent of LinkedIn marketplace for professionals, and other such platforms, the pressure will likely be downward on legal fees as the market for services grows and affordable options increase.

How do I become a lawyer in Hong Kong?

Requirements to become a lawyer (Hong Kong)

  1. A bachelor’s degree in Law degree is required from a Hong Kong University or from recognized program in a common law jurisdiction.
  2. Obtain a Postgraduate Certificate in Laws.
  3. Complete a two years of employment as a trainee solicitor.

Who regulates lawyers in Hong Kong?

As of 30 September 2018, the Law Society regulates 9,708 solicitors in Hong Kong with a current practising certificate.

  • Structure of the profession.
  • Foreign lawyers.
  • Gender.
  • Ethnicity.

How do I start a law firm in Hong Kong?

To qualify for registration, a foreign lawyer must be a fit and proper person of good standing in the jurisdiction in which they qualified. Foreign lawyers cannot employ or enter into partnerships with Hong Kong solicitors to practise Hong Kong law.

How many lawyers are there in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is the international legal service capital of Asia, with more than 10,000 practising solicitors and barristers.

As of the end of April 2021.

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As of the end of April 2021
Hong Kong solicitors’ firms 948
Registered foreign lawyers 1,530
Registered foreign law firms 85

How long does it take to become a lawyer in HK?

Juris Doctor (JD)

The JD in Hong Kong is a two to three year (full-time) course offered by all three law schools, specifically tailored to admitting non-law bachelor degree holders.

Can US lawyers practice in Hong Kong?

Under the current Foreign Lawyers Registration Rules, foreign lawyers cannot practice Hong Kong law. However, according to the Post, some law firms hire foreign lawyers or mainland law graduates to work on finance and corporate matters related to Hong Kong, but involving mainland companies with US businesses.

How do I qualify for Hong Kong?

To be qualified for admission as a barrister, a solicitor in Hong Kong must have been admitted as such for at least 3 years either immediately or in any case not more than 12 months before the date of his application for admission and during that time he was in practice as a solicitor in Hong Kong or was employed by …

Where can Australian lawyers work overseas?

Australian lawyers are inundated with advertisements for overseas positions in places such as London, Hong Kong, New York and Dubai. The volume of postings raises questions related to inter-jurisdictional practice and how it is that Australian lawyers are able to practice law in a foreign jurisdiction.

Can an Australian lawyer practice law in Canada?

It’s a question we get frequently: “If I graduate from an Australian law school, can I come back home to Canada to practice as a lawyer?” The answer is yes! There are a few steps you must take though between law school graduation day and becoming a practicing lawyer.

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Can an Australian lawyer practice in America?

You will need to pass a bar exam to practise as an ‘attorney’ (lawyer) in the United States.