Are lawyers exempted from service tax?

Considered the Petitioner’s submission that, the Central Government has issued several exemption notifications whereby services provided by an individual as an advocate or as a partnership firm of advocates by way of legal services are exempt from the charge of service tax.

Are advocates exempted from income tax in India?

Even if the lawyer is settled abroad and is providing services in India, he has to pay tax in India for earning income on his profession. Although, he can’t opt for presumptive taxation because the scheme is only for resident professionals and partnership firms.

Are lawyers taxed in India?

NEW DELHI: The government has said lawyers are exempt from service tax and there is no move to impose the levy on them for providing legal services.

Do advocates pay income tax?

Lawyers have always had to pay income taxes, personal or corporate. If they don’t pay right income taxes, that’s because of evasion or availing of legitimate exemptions.

Are advocates liable to pay tax?

No. 354/107/2017-TRU, in has been clarified by government that legal services including representational services provided by an advocate including a senior advocate to a business entity is taxable under RCM, i.e. business entity has to pay tax under RCM.

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How much do tax lawyers make in India?

The highest salary for a Tax Lawyer in India is ₹31,103 per month. What is the lowest salary for a Tax Lawyer in India? The lowest salary for a Tax Lawyer in India is ₹31,103 per month.

Do lawyers pay GST?

Lawyers Are Exempted From Paying GST/Service Tax, Do Not Harass Them By Issuing Demand Notices: Orissa High Court.

How can I become a tax lawyer in India?

To be eligible for a postgraduate programme in Tax Law, an aspirant is required to have completed an LLB or its equivalent degree. Candidates who have completed a 5-year long integrated law course shall also be considered eligible for admission to the PG Diploma or LL. M course in Tax Law.

Do advocates need to register under GST?

1. If Advocates are engaged in supply of exempt services only, then there is no need to obtain registration under GST. 2. If Advocates are engaged, wholly, in supply of services where entire tax is payable under RCM, then there is no need to obtain registration under GST.

Can an advocate be a tax practitioner?

According to Income Tax Act, there is no such requirement that to practice as Taxation Advocate, the Advocate should be a Chartered Accountant. Period. As far as Taxation purpose is Concerned An Advocate with out a Qualification of CA will Not Serve the Purpose.

What is presumptive taxation?

Presumptive taxation allows you to pay your tax based on presumptive income. Meaning, you don’t really need to estimate your income by deducting your expenses from revenue. You can simply take a percentage of your total revenue and pay tax on that.

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Why are lawyers GST exempt?

A firm of advocates is outside the purview of GST, as the whole of their legal services are under Reverse Charge, provided they are not providing any services to a business entity outside taxable territory.

Are legal fees subject to GST?

Generally the services you provide under the Legal Aid plan are subject to GST, which means you collect GST from the Legal Services Society and you are able to claim input tax credits.

What is the GST rate for legal services?

In case GST is applicable, the GST rate applicable on legal services would be 18%.