You asked: How many pages is Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer?

How long is Boone Kid lawyer?

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

First edition cover
Author John Grisham
Media type Print
Pages 263 (Hardcover 1st edition)
ISBN 978-1-4447-1448-7 (Hardcover 1st edition), ISBN 978-1-4447-1449-4 (Trade Paperback)

How many pages does Theodore Boone The accused have?

Theodore Boone: The Accused is the third book in the series of Theodore Boone. It is written by John Grisham and is the third book that he has written for Young Adults (8-13-year-olds).

Theodore Boone: The Accused.

First edition cover
Author John Grisham
Publication date May 15, 2012
Pages 271 (firstedition)
ISBN 978-0-525-42576-2

How long is Theodore Boone?

Theodore Boone: The Activist

Author John Grisham
Series Theodoore Boone series
Genre Legal thriller, young adult
Publication date May 21, 2013
Pages 272 (firstedition)

How many books are in the kid lawyer Series?

There are 7 books in this series. Select the number of items you want to purchase.

Is there a Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer movie?

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer is an upcoming film based on the book. Coming soon in 2020’s.

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How old is Theo Boone?

This book series is named Theodore Boone by John Grisham. The main character, Theodore Boone, is a thirteen-year-old, aspiring lawyer who uses his legal knowledge and investigative skills to solve crimes, and seek justice in court.

How many pages is the accused by John Grisham?

The main characters in this book are Theodore Boone, Ike Boone, Woods Boone, Judge Gantry, Pete Duffy, Julio and his cousin Bobby. Pete Duffy and Judge Gantry are the ones who are part of the trial, while the others have information for the trial.

What is Theodore Boone the accused about?

The accused was a wealthy man by the name of Pete Duffy, and his alleged crime was murder. According to the police and the prosecutors, Mr. Duffy strangled his lovely wife in their attractive home on the sixth fairway of a golf course where he, the accused, was playing golf that day, alone.

What is the next book after Kid lawyer?

Publication Order of Theodore Boone Books

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (2010) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
The Activist (2013) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
The Fugitive (2015) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
The Scandal (2016) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
The Accomplice (2019) Hardcover Paperback Kindle

What happens in Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer?

Theo knows every judge, policeman, court clerk—and a lot about the law. He dreams of being a great trial lawyer, of a life in the courtroom. But Theo finds himself in court much sooner than expected. Because he knows so much—maybe too much—he is suddenly dragged into the middle of a sensational murder trial.

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What genre is Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer?

Theodore Boone series in order by John Grisham

In each of these volumes, young Theo Boone will have to solve a different legal mystery. This means that these novels can be read as a standalone and therefore it’s not mandatory that you read the Theodore Boone books in order.

Will there be any more Theodore Boone books?

The new novel, the seventh of his Boone books, comes out May 19 with an announced first printing of 1 million copies. This time, the teen legal wizard works to help a close friend arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. Grisham is best known for such classic courtroom thrillers as “The Firm” and “The Client.”