Who does the Crown attorney represent?

Who does the Crown attorney represent in Canada?

Prosecutors in British Columbia are known as Crown counsel. They are appointed and assigned to cases by the Criminal Justice Branch of the Ministry of Attorney General. The Public Prosecution Service of Canada (the federal Crown) prosecutes cases involving federal offences such as drug violations.

Who does the crown work for?

Crown Prosecutors, also known as prosecutors, Crown counsel or, simply Crown, are lawyers employed by the Criminal Justice Branch of the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Does the Crown represent the defendant?

The Crown can also be a plaintiff or defendant in civil actions to which the government of the Commonwealth realm in question is a party. Such Crown proceedings are often subject to specific rules and limitations, such as the enforcement of judgments against the Crown.

Who is appointed under the Crown Attorneys Act of Ontario?

Appointment. 1 (1) The Lieutenant Governor in Council may appoint a Crown Attorney for each county and district and such Crown Attorneys and assistant Crown Attorneys for the Province as the Lieutenant Governor in Council considers necessary.

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What is the Canadian equivalent of a district attorney?

Crown attorneys or crown counsel (or, in Alberta and New Brunswick, crown prosecutors) are the prosecutors in the legal system of Canada.

Who is the Crown in a court case?

Its role is to present to a trier of fact evidence that is considered credible and relevant to the alleged offence. The role is also characterized as one of ensuring that “justice is done”. The role of bringing forward relevant evidence does not oblige the Crown to call certain evidence.

What does the Crown symbolize?

Crown is a symbolic headgear that is worn by monarch. Crown represents power, glory, immortality, royalty and sovereignty. It is often made from precious metals and decorated with jewels. Having a special headgear that will designate a ruler exist in many civilizations around the world.

Is the Crown a legal person?

The Crown is, generally speaking, subject to the laws of Parliament and the legislatures: the Crown is a legal person, and benefits from no constitutional rule that would provide a shield to the application of valid statute law. This rule applies to the Crown in right of Canada, as well as in right of a province.

Who owns the Crown?

The Crown Estate is though owned by the Monarch in right of the Crown. This means that the Queen owns it by virtue of holding the position of reigning Monarch, for as long as she is on the throne, as will her successor.

What is the role of a prosecution lawyer?

The prosecutor’s principal role is to assist the court to arrive at the truth and to do justice between the community and the accused, according to law and the principles of fairness. A prosecutor must not argue the prosecution’s case for a conviction beyond a full and firm presentation of that case.

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What is the role of the defence attorney?

A defence lawyer is a lawyer who represents a person charged with a criminal offence. It is the defence lawyer’s job to ensure that the rights of the accused are protected throughout the criminal process.

What does the Crown have to prove?

The prosecutors – called Crown Counsel – must give you a copy of all the evidence they have about the charges against you. This is called “disclosure”. Crown must disclose copies of police reports, witness statements, your criminal record, and statements you made. This may also include pictures, notes and names.

How much do Assistant Crown attorneys make in Ontario?

The average salary for an Assistant Crown Attorney is $173,403 per year in Canada, which is 3% lower than the average Ministry of the Attorney General salary of $179,846 per year for this job.

How much does a Crown prosecutor earn?

The average salary for Senior Crown Prosecutor is £53,948 per year in the London Area. The average additional cash compensation for a Senior Crown Prosecutor in the London Area is £4,685, with a range from £999 – £21,965.

Who is the current ACT Attorney General?

Incumbent. Shane Rattenbury

The Attorney-General of the Australian Capital Territory, in formal contexts also Attorney-General or Attorney General for the Australian Capital Territory, is the primary Law Officer of the Crown in the Australian Capital Territory.