When should I apply for a solicitors training contract?

When do I apply for a training contract? Most firms look to fill their training contract placements two years in advance, so aim to apply by May or June of your penultimate year (if you’re a law student) or in your final year (if you’re a non-law student). In general, sooner rather than later is the best approach.

Can you do your LPC and training contract at the same time?

It is also possible to complete the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and a training contract or other “period of recognised training” with a law firm simultaneously.

Is CMS Silver Circle?

Other large City firms like CMS, Clyde & Co, Dentons and Simmons & Simmons also see themselves as part of the magic circle’s chasing pack. For our alternative classification of London law firms (avoiding the term ‘silver circle’) see our feature on Different types of law firm.

What do you need to be a trainee solicitor?

Will I have to do any further formal training courses as a trainee solicitor? Yes, you must complete the professional skills course (PSC). This covers financial and business skills, advocacy and communication skills, and client care and professional standards, as well as various electives.

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Do you do your LPC before training contract?

You do not have to finish an LPC before staring a training contract. You can also train while studying the LPC, but if you are therefore working part-time, your training contract will be extended.

Can I become a solicitor without a training contract?

Traditionally a training contract is the essential element to qualification, but it’s also one of the main barriers, as placements are notoriously difficult to secure. The SQE is designed to offer more flexibility when it comes to work experience, so aspiring solicitors won’t necessarily need to do a training contract.

How long are you a trainee solicitor?

A training contract in law is a two-year training period carried out in a law firm or in-house in a large organisation by law graduates pursuing a career as a solicitor. This period of recognised training is regulated by the Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority (SRA).

What is the most prestigious law firm in the UK?

The top 200 UK law firms 2020 by revenue

Rank 2020 Firm Revenue 2019/20 (£m)
1 DLA Piper 2,111.50
2 Clifford Chance 1,803.00
3 Hogan Lovells 1,755.00
4 Allen & Overy 1,692.00

Why are they called magic circle firms?

It seems to be a term to describe the leading City firms and there is some truth in it.” Then corporate partner at Herbert Smith Freehills and former investment banker Henry Raine said: “The phrase was coined by a legal magazine and referred to firms which were very strong in corporate or international work.

How long should a training contract application take?

Most law firms aim to let applicants know their decisions as soon as possible to avoid losing talent to other firms, but it’s normal for candidates to have to wait anywhere from a few days up to around one month.

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What is involved in a training contract?

During the training contract, trainees undertake a Professional Skills Course (PSC) that will enable them to become fully qualified solicitors. This is split into three core modules: advocacy and communication skills; client care and professional standards; and financial and business skills.

How competitive are training contracts?

Looking at numbers alone, you have an 18.3% chance of getting a training contract.

Can you backdate a training contract?

You should make your application 30 days before you are due to start. Training needs to be registered before you start as the training start date cannot be backdated.

Is the LLM LPC worth it?

Is the LLM LPC worth it? The LLM LPC will allow you to cover both qualifications more quickly than if you were to take them separately. The two birds/one stone approach will possibly save you money too; you won’t have to fork out for an extra year of living expenses too in this sense.

What percentage is a distinction in LPC?

Distinction You will be awarded the Postgraduate Certificate with a classification of Distinction if (i) you have passed all assessments with no resits; and (ii) have obtained an average mark of at least 70% across all three CPAs; and (iii) have obtained a mark of at least 70% in at least two of the three CPAs; and (iv …