How do I become a barrister in Hong Kong?

To be qualified for admission as a barrister, a solicitor in Hong Kong must have been admitted as such for at least 3 years either immediately or in any case not more than 12 months before the date of his application for admission and during that time he was in practice as a solicitor in Hong Kong or was employed by …

How much does a barrister make in Hong Kong?

The average hourly pay of Barrister is HK$2,860.00. The maximum hourly wage is between HK$3,300.00 and HK$3,795.00.

What qualifications do you need to be a barrister?

To become a barrister, you will need a degree (along with the Graduate Diploma in Law if it is a non-law degree). You will also need to complete the vocational component and pupillage/work-based component.

How long does it take to become a lawyer in HK?

Juris Doctor (JD)

The JD in Hong Kong is a two to three year (full-time) course offered by all three law schools, specifically tailored to admitting non-law bachelor degree holders.

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How do I qualify as a lawyer in Hong Kong?

Requirements to become a lawyer (Hong Kong)

  1. A bachelor’s degree in Law degree is required from a Hong Kong University or from recognized program in a common law jurisdiction.
  2. Obtain a Postgraduate Certificate in Laws.
  3. Complete a two years of employment as a trainee solicitor.

How much do lawyers make in Hong Kong?

The national average salary for a Lawyer is HK$70,000 in Hong Kong. Filter by location to see Lawyer salaries in your area.

Can I become a barrister without a law degree?

You don’t need to have studied law to become a barrister – but it will mean an additional qualification if you did do a different subject. You will have to complete a conversion course or Graduate Diploma of Law (GDL) before you can complete the qualifications/stages outlined for law students.

How long is a barrister course?

Becoming a fully-fledged barrister takes five years – including three years for your law degree, one year for a Bar course and a one-year pupillage in chambers. Again, add an extra year for a law conversion course if your degree wasn’t in law.

What is a barrister salary?

As a barrister’s level of experience grows, so their clients and cases will increase in value: a barrister with five years’ experience may expect to earn a salary between £50,000 and £200,000, while wages for those with 10 or more years’ experience might range from around £65,000 to over £1 million.

What is LLB in Hong Kong?

The LLB (Hons) Hong Kong is for students who have completed the Graduate Diploma in English and Hong Kong Law (Common Professional Examination) taught at HKU SPACE and awarded by Manchester Metropolitan University.

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What is a barrister vs solicitor?

The basic difference between barristers and solicitors is that a barrister mainly defends people in court and a solicitor mainly performs legal work outside court. There are, however, exceptions. When people talk about going to see their lawyer, it is usually a solicitor that they will contact.

Is it harder to become a barrister or solicitor?

both are very very very very very very very very very very very competitive. but barrister is harder route to take. need a first at undergraduate for a start.

Can UK barrister practice in Hong Kong?

An overseas barrister must first be admitted to the Hong Kong Bar before they can work as a barrister in Hong Kong. An overseas barrister can also be admitted by the Hong Kong High Court for the purpose of a particular case.

How many barristers are there in Hong Kong?

There are about 1,600 barristers practising in Hong Kong. Out of these 1,600 barristers, there are about 100 Senior Counsel (i.e. Queen’s Counsel as they were called before 1 July 1997).

Who can practice law in Hong Kong?

Requirements for Obtaining a Practicing Certificate/License

One must be a resident of Hong Kong or at least a resident for 7 years before admission. One must have lived in Hong Kong for at least 3 months before the date of application for admission or intend to reside in Hong Kong for at least 3 years after admission.