Frequent question: Who is the Bergen County district attorney?

Mark Musella was sworn in as Bergen County Prosecutor on May 20, 2019. As Prosecutor, he is the chief law enforcement officer of Bergen County – the most populous county in New Jersey and home to nearly one million residents living in 70 municipalities.

Who is the St Joseph County prosecuting attorney?

St Joseph County Prosecutor – Kenneth P Cotter.

Who is the district attorney of Jersey City?


U.S. Attorney Term started Term ended
William E. Fitzpatrick 2017 2018
Craig Carpenito 2018 2021
Rachael A. Honig Jan. 2021 Dec. 15, 2021
Philip R. Sellinger December 16, 2021 N/A – Incumbent

Who is the Somerset county Prosecutor?

SOMERVILLE, N.J. – Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson, Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Chief of County…

How many district attorneys are there in Ohio?

Ohio’s 88 elected county prosecutors are committed to justice.

Who is the state attorney in New Jersey?

On January 16, 2018, Gurbir S. Grewal was sworn in as New Jersey’s 61st Attorney General.

Who is the District Attorney Newark NJ?

Philip R. Sellinger is the U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey. As U.S. Attorney, he is responsible for overseeing all federal criminal prosecutions and the litigation of all civil matters in New Jersey in which the federal government has an interest. Including the offices in Newark, Camden, and Trenton, Mr.

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Who is state attorney for Florida?

The highest salary for an Assistant Prosecutor in New Jersey is $108,743 per year. What is the lowest salary for an Assistant Prosecutor in New Jersey? The lowest salary for an Assistant Prosecutor in New Jersey is $61,643 per year.

What county is Somerset PA in?

Prosecution Staff

The Salem County Prosecutor’s Office currently has several lawyers on staff. This includes the First Assistant Prosecutor and Prosecutor Kristin J. Telsey. Because we are relatively small in size, our attorneys cannot, like other prosecutors’ offices, dedicate all of their time to one specialty.

Who is the District Attorney for Ohio?

Home – Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost.

Who is the prosecutor for Ashtabula county Ohio?

Prosecutor’s Office

Name Title Phone
O’Toole, Colleen M. Prosecuting Attorney 440-576-3694
Danolfo, Richard Assistant Prosecutor 440-998-1811
Hartup, Bret R. Chief Assistant Prosecutor 440-576-3673

Does Ohio have district attorneys?

In Ohio, District Attorneys are simply referred to as prosecuting attorneys. The following directory will help you get in touch with your local prosecutor.