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Article 4C - NY Civil Rights Law


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48-AEmployment of persons with certain genetic disorders.
  S 48. Definitions. As used in this article, the term "unique genetic
  disorder" shall mean and be limited to sickle cell  trait,  carriers  of
  Tay-sachs disease or carriers of Cooley's anemia.

  S 48-a. Employment of persons with certain genetic disorders. Unless
  it can be clearly shown that a person's unique  genetic  disorder  would
  prevent such person from performing the particular job, no person who is
  otherwise qualified shall be denied equal opportunities to obtain and/or
  maintain  employment  and/or  to  advance  in position in his job solely
  because said person has a unique genetic disorder regardless of  whether
  the  employer  or  prospective  employer  is  the state or any political
  subdivision thereof or any other category of employer.

  S 48-b. Penalties. Any person or legal entity, public or private, who
  or which violates any provision of section forty-eight-a of this article
  shall be guilty of a violation.

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